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Das ist doch kein Leben

SADY: Or the cases in which porn stars DO (like a lot of women) have incidences of being sexually abused or assaulted, and everyone is like, “don’t you SEEEE? Don’t you see that this has clearly driven you MAD? And any of your feelings about the job you do are now INVALID?????” Whereas no-one is saying that to the accountant who was sexually abused growing up. Clearly no-one is like, “the pain and shame of your assault warped you so that you had no other choice but to fall into a life of TAX FORMS!”

AMANDA: Yeah, I mean what sexual assault victims really need is for more people to take away their agency and reduce their options in life, and then to shame them based on their sexual expression, right?

Sady Doyle, Amanda Hess, SEXIST BEATDOWN: Totally Not Looking At Some Internet Porn Edition